About Us

Low Course

The Low Challenge Course is a carefully orchestrated set of physical and mental activities and challenges for small groups of people.  These activities compel the group to work together and build cohesiveness.

High Course

This course focuses on the individual’s emotional and physical insecurities, helps them set and complete personal goals, and fosters perseverance, risk-taking, and motivation using height as a stressor.

Debriefing Process

In this important part of our program, our facilitator will lead the group in a debriefing discussion that focuses on a teamwork topic that is relative to that event.  These open discussions relate the specific activities to real-life situations.

The Corporate Connection

This is a shortened variation of the portable course, usually 1-2 hours.  It can be used to kick off a day of meetings, motivate goal setting, or experientially illustrate a teamwork topic that you are reinforcing in your corporation.

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